Hot n Saucy

I made my first attempt at hot sauce using chilies from my garden. Late October and I’m finally bringing my peppers inside.  Some in drying on the plant by the wood stove, others I’m going to string up to dry. Didn’t care for my peppers I ran through the dehydrator.

One interesting thing I learned was on the plant and fesh you have poblano peppers. Once they dry there become Ancho… Which means I planted 4 poblano/Ancho plants queen could have put in, say, anahiems too
Oh well… At least it’s a good pepper to have lots of! 


In the end I had japelnos, poblanos, and a mystery pepper I think might be cayanne. I did two sauces: a red sauce with vinegar that I roasted my red peppers  on the wood stove with (in addition to garlic and tomato). It’s pretty hot the first day, well see how it mellows.


Next was a fermented recipe I found on nourished foods. No vinegar, just peppers, salt, garlic, dash of sugar and a bit of starter culture. I used brine from my sauerkraut and added a few tomatillos after I noticed it tasted flat before the peppers kicked in. Now it needs to sit for a few days to ferment before I run out through a sieve or food mill.


I’m excited to try my sauces once they sit for a few days and the flavor really develops. Oregon grown hot sauce… Who knew?


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