The Winter Chick

I had a hen go broody but some eggs were duds, she kicked a few of of the nest. Didn’t seem to be working. I was baking Christmas cookies after work and needed some eggs so I went out to grab some and checked on the broody on the way out.

There was a dead, cold wet chick on the floor and another almost dead under the hen. The flooding had reached her nest and the straw was damp. Time to act.

I grabbed chickie and brought it in and placed it by the fire


Soon it began to dry out, fluff up and start talking.


Within an hour it was up. I grabbed a brooder box and set it up with a light. I attempted to save the other chick but I was too late.


A week later Nugget is doing great. A little lonely, but I give it some time every day. Hopefully it will bond with me.

And the broody? She gave up on having kids and has gone back to laying.


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