So it begins

The cycle of life. Winter is in our midst, yet life is already bursting forth.


Cinnamon was first to go. 9 piglets in the middle of the night, I was not invited.


Peppercorn is waiting for hers, jealous of her daughter. She’s not far off, she’s uddering up so it’s within a few days.


A few weeks later Violet is set to go. I need to build a new place for her that is more comfortable.


She’s happy and very cuddly. I bred her using AI to a show boar so I’m hoping to get some nice pigs from her.


Then the sheep address scheduled to go end of feburary. Blaze must have been first in line for breeding: she’s bigger than everyone else and already has an udder. After that it’s back to the grind of milking.


This is a 3/4 dairy ewe just starting to develop. It will be interesting how well a 3/4 dairy x 1/4 Jacob will perform.

That’s where I’m at.


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