Monthly Archives: April 2016

Quick Project

I’ve got terrible clay soil all over. I’ve been amending and it is getting better.. But I need a place for root veg so I’m turning a sterile sloped space into a semi raised bed. I put in the wall and fill in the fall. Amazing how I could have added even more now that it settled through the winter. Regardless I started planting. Onions and garlic are in the far end, now I have peas and greens germinating. The nice thing about this spot is it’s partial sun: so if I plant right I can lettuce later through the summer.

I also have an issue with troublemaking critters who dig up my flower pots and beds I’ll do pretty plantings only to find the plants strewn everywhere. I’ve found seeding directly into my clay I have the least disturbance/ruined flowers.

I put in a cinderblock wall. Todays project is simple: plant the wall, maybe jerks won’t dig it out.


Currently kinda ugly, and it’s right up to my front door. Not good curb appeal. It’s an easy fix!

I picked up a load of compost and started filling in. $10 worth of compost and a few starts later


Better but not great yet. However I choose plants that will grow wide and fall over the edge of the wall. Lobelia, alyssum, carpet carnations, and nasturtiums. It’s going to be so pretty! I’m so excited! I have a few open spots left. I’d like to put some slate on a spotb or two for seating, put in some contained mint, maybe even some carrots in the perfect fluffy soil!

All in all it was a 15 minute project that improved my curb appeal.