Blaze Fights On

Day 4 Blazes fever became a low grade fever, by yesterday her temp was within a normal range. She survived. But she appears to have brain damage.


Hey recovery is matching up with human brain injury recovery: agitation, confusion, awareness of surroundings coupled with extreme exhaustion. during her agitated phase she was requiring frequent supervision as she kept trying to get up but would fall over in awful positions.


Amazingly after not eating for days I was able to keep her rumen functional with vit B shots throughout the day. She’s relearned how to drink water on her own (yes, it got that bad.) And regaining control of her lips so she can fed herself. Yesterday she ate a few cups of leafy alfalfa and this morning she was ruminating! 


My mother has been an angel tending to Blaze through the day. Her kindness has kept her alive. Yesterday Blaze pushed herself hard trying to stand (was up for 3+ hours in the morning leaning against a wall trying to walk) so by evening she was bushed. Today she’s so tired she’s not trying to stand but laying around digesting her food.

I don’t know how much longer was can go. She’s not giving up and when I checked in last night she had a sweet expression on her face: she knows she’s being cared for…i hope I dont have to give up either


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