Goodnight, Sheep

I’ve been exhausted and fighting a cold this past week. It took me a few days to realize I was sick and not just unusually tired. I decided to go to bed early. Sheep could come in the barn and take care of themselves, I’ll mix up the pig food in the morning…. I decided just to put my head to the pillow at 8pm or so, not both with evening chores. Dancing between consciousness and sleep I was suddenly shaken by a chorus of screaming sheep.

Did they get out and can’t get back in? Is someone stuck n a fence? Is a coyote in the barnyard?! I hop out of bed and grab something to throw on. I look out the windows without my glasses to try and spot them. Where are they? Meanwhile, the cacophony only crescendos. I scramble, dizzy and half unbuttoned in a pink summer dress and rubber boots, towards the barn. I open the door and am greeted by my sheep right where they are supposed to be.

“You didn’t tuck us in! We want our grain! Lambs need to be locked up!”

So I fed them, locked up lambs, mixed up pig food and passed out scratches. As I left the barn the sheep all agreed: all was right with the world again.


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