For The Project…

List of “to do” never ends. I have been slouching on my putting up and VB in know come winter I’ll regret it. I stopped off at a friends house and she had fruit trees laden with fruit she doesn’t use. Her bounty becomes mine. 

 lots plums to become prunes. 

After these go into the dryer its time to clean the barn for alfalfa. This means cleaning out one corner from the mess the chickens made knocking things over (a favorite chicken game), pooping on stuff and hiding eggs

Once that’s clean these bales get moved over

Then I need to move the sheep, deconstruct all the walls in the inside of the barn so I can finish cleaning. Then go in with the tractor to clear it out while dodging poles. Finally…. I need to pick up 80 more bales of alfalfa and figure out where the heck store them.

All that to do and I’m already tired thinking about it.


One thought on “For The Project…

  1. Just another day on the farm

    O yes, its that time of the year for sure.. when you want to relax for a few hours, where you watch your town friends at the pool, going to the beach and so forth, an you write out your lists, grow tired just looking at it.. sigh.. buck up and get started on it, one project at a time.. because we know.. fall is coming, fall will fly by.. and then BAM its winter.. we are the ants my dear.. busy, busy, putting away, preparing what will be coming.. Take care of yourself. PS, .Love your hay, looks awesome!


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