Monthly Archives: September 2016

Freak Accidents

Animals have nothing better to do than eat, breed and get into trouble. This year has been a slew of weird unexpected accidents including my getting attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets and my running around screaming for insect mercy triggering my sick sow to freak out and kill a piglet. I did not expect that. Of course. I didn’t expect the wasps either. Did I mention I tripped over a trough, nailed myself in my lady bits (ow!) And rolled over into three dung pile? And this was all after I had a fever bad enough for me to go home early from work and it finally broke overnight? That morning SUCKED.

I’ve got a terrible broody hen who starts a clutch then ditched. Or kicks eggs out of the nest. Or finally hatches chicks and let’s then freeze to death. You think your mom is bad? She’s up there… remember my December chick who lived in my bathroom? Head, that was her who didn’t sit her newly hatched chick and left it to die. 

I decided to not let her brood anymore until she managed set on the same clutch for a week before I noticed. Fine, you win, you can hatch them. And she started put for another week. Then in the home stretch she started hopping nests again. Dagnabit! We had a few arguments while I put her back on the correct nest. The fateful morning of the wasp attack when life seemed dire I heard something from the barn: a shout if a baby bird. I went and discovered a single black chick from her dwindling clutch. Lovely! Amazing how the same morning I lost a life (and almost lost my hope) there was new life there to replace it. The hen saw me and ran over to protect her chick. Maybe she’s finally learned to mother?

The next day at work I got a call from the neighbor who went to check on the pigs in the heatwave. She informed me the hen had hung herself.

Wtf. How does a chicken hang itself? Postpartum depression? Was she murdered by the other chickens for taking up valuable nesting space? Did something  come in my barn and kill her? Why after hatching a single chick did she die the next day?

When I got home I went to see what was up with my corpus chicken. The sure enough the hanged hen was… hanging like she was sentenced to the gallows. And the chick, the lone chick, was moved back into my bathroom.  

Strips is almost ready too move outside. I’ve got all my pens already filled so she’s staying inside with me all alone. It’s okay, she’s gonna be my friend