A Stormy, Windy Mess

I didn’t realize this storm was coming. I knew “rain” but not 5 inches in a day rain. I wasn’t prepared.

Luckily I got lambs butchered the day before the storm so I was able to consolidate the flock into the barn. That’s a story for later …

But back to the storm. I pulled apart the winter lean to for the pigs for repair and cleaning. The outside run was pulled apart so I could take the tractor in, clean it out, put in wood chips and put up gutters. But I ran out of time.

The rain came. It was only the night before that I heard it was a storm that would last 5 days. I left the pigs in the pen for a day but walking up to the sound of a deluge I knew I needed them moved. 

A hot wire on the inside, repair here and there…in 45 minutes I got it livable, though not how I want it… I opened up their pen and in a matter of minutes the girls had jumped ship from their muddy pen into the barn yard. 

High and dry for the main girls. 

I’m glad I moved them because the next day their hoop house had its own private swimming pool…

Yup. It’s pretty bad out there. It was supposed to be a storm if the century but luckily it was just nasty, but nothing terribly destructive. The creek rose at least a foot in a matter of days.
I had hoped to disc and reseed that pig pen but my friends never had time to come out with a disc so…. The whole section needs to rest and recover for possibly another year now. Yikes! 

Time flies by when you are farming …


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