A Side Adventure

I have mentioned I have a creek with a native fish run of salmon which excited new when i bought the property. Turns out it’s illegal to fish my creek, boo. They look pretty terrible by time they are up my creek anyway. This year I started dating a fisherman and I’ve been learning from him how, and WHEN, to catch fish in our many different runs.

Obsessed doesn’t begin to describe it. Determined and devoted sounds nicer anyway.  He’s taken me out a few times and we got skunked. Not only did we get skunked anytime I go out EVERYONE get skunked. Fishing will be hot one day so we decide to go out together and…Nada. no one is getting anything. Over and over. Boo!
Finally one day I go with him any his daughter and he’s so hot to get started he doesn’t get my rod set up. I’m getting to know the kid anyway so I don’t fuss. He was in his own world and didn’t hear me ask to get a pole. Finally when he heard me her goes,”oh, I’ve been waiting for you to ask.” … whatever.

 Gimme gimme gimme my pole! Finally get set up with some eggs on a bobber and cast out. Hard to say if the bobber actually bounced from the river bed or a fish… But I thought I so it go down, so I set the hook and started to reel in. Nothing fought back….. But… Maybe there might possibly be a fish? So I don’t say anything, just reel in. Line starts heading towards a possible snag so I start walking up to it when my pole finally shakes. “Wait, do you have a fish on?!!” He asked.

“Um, I think so” suddenly we saw a silver flash under the water. A silver hen, female, fresh up the river. I brought her in with hardly any fight. She was exhausted from jetting up the river to spawning beds. But, she was a hatchery fish so she wasn’t supposed to spawn in the river anyway. A keeper.

A few other times we tried and nothing… Christmas we went out again. Steelhead start running late December peaking in January and early February. Different rivers have different runs and one of Anthony’s favorite river  was very early in the season, but being we could fish and still make it to Christmas dinner. 

We started off late and worked out way down the river. Lower and lower we went not getting any bites. A two other people landed keepers, but the fishing was light. I used it as a learning opportunity for trying new knots. After loosing my gear again I tied up a new knot and grabbed a bead with a juicy pinkish orange hue to it. Boyfriend smirked because it wasn’t the color this river produces on, but hey, I liked it. We tried a hole id never been in. I was instructed to stand on a rock and cast between rapids in the seams between fast and slow water. 

I cast a few times and felt like something was hitting my line but i wasn’t hooking it. I followed a pattern in the water that felt like it was producing a hit. Cast in, let the line float down, reel back in and cast again. 

Finally, something hit me just before my bobber hit the rapids. I set the hook and heard the reel start spinning as the fish took off down the chute to escape into the rapids. I cranked down the drag and pulled it out rapids. I finally announced, “fish on!” Once I knew it was on. The line wasn’t moving when my boyfriend got over to my rock. “Are you sure you’ve got a fish?” He asked skeptically.

“Yeah” thinking any my quite fight pulling the fish out of the rapids, “I’m sure.” He instructed me how to bring it in the rest of the way. The fight lasted a few minutes before I landed a “lipstick pink” buck. 

My first steelhead. Small, but beautiful. Boyfriend was actually impressed Ipulled it out of the rapids and landed it. 😉

I filleted it and made jerky with some of the cuts, smoked some and put some in the freezer for later .


So that’s how I’ve been getting behind in my farm work.. But it’s good have a life outside the farm and my work. 


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