Who’s a Sexy Chimney Sweep? Me!

Wood stove started smoking out of the pipes, wouldn’t pull air. Only a month ago I had a guy out and he charged $100+ dollars to sweep. So I went and picked up a brush, opened up the stove pipe and brushed from below. Then I pulled the stove pipe out of the ceiling when got stuck. Whoops. It’s me. What do you expect? When I was done I looked up the chimney and couldn’t see any light. So I grabbed a ladder and climbed to the roof. Got on the roof and realized roofs scare the shit out of me. Still, I carefully skooched up the roof to the chimney and found the mesh at the top was totally clogged. I knocked as much off as a could without standing up and made it down alive. Reassembled the stove pipe, clean up and test if it’s pulling air again.  Hopefully I went need to go up there again for a long time….


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