Monthly Archives: April 2017

Hussy Hens

​I’m sure all remember the saga of Rocco. My neighbors and I have unfenced adjoining property. They let their chickens run free ruining everyone’s yard. It is what it is. I got chickens and later a lovely rooster. My pullets were still a little thing his attention it seemed. I remember when the neighbors hens got their first glimpse of that rooster: they all came over to my front yard and got his, um, attention. He was running back and forth nailing a good 15 hens. From then on he would visit those girls for a morning screw. My neighbor was so upset my rooster was “raping” their hens she finally shot him one day.

Years later they still don’t have roosters, but mine have learned to stay on my property and their girls sneak over to visit. Cracks me up. It seems their hens are now coming over and raping my roosters 🙄 or just having rough chicken sex.

I’ve seen a few hens try to lure the roosters over, but I suppose the ghost of Rocco warns them to stay away.


Turkey Trial

I try one new animal a year. This year we are trying out raising turkeys. 

I have only known one turkey from my ex’s farm. It used come up to me and we would talk. He would many turkey sounds and I would copy him. He was a very pleasant bird who used to sleep with Rosie. Shawn’s brother was kind of nutty and didn’t like HIS turkey sleeping with his brother’s pig so he put the turkey in with his demonic weaner pigs who proceeded to eat the poor turkeys ass off alive. I went into the barn to discover the poor guy walking around leaving a trail of blood everywhere. He butchered later that day, but I’ll always think fondly of that strange creature. So i got turkeys of my own whos asses will hopefully not get eaten off alive but cooked up on a festive table. So much better.

Supposedly turkeys are dumb, but how dumb are they REALLY? 

Maybe dumb enough to fall in a toilet and not get out dumb? Yes. Yes they are. I left the toilet cover open in the bathroom they were brooding in not thinking it was a problem.. However, my turkeys were jumping out of their brooder tub two days after in took them home. Why wouldn’t they be jumping on the toilet? So I came home and checked on my turkeys only to find one standing tall, but wet and cold, in the bottom of the toilet bowl.  I grabbed it and put it below the heat lamp, but it was chilled so it has a hard time standing and is feet were turning blue. The heat lamp wasn’t enough so I stuck it in the sink for a warm shower

It promptly feel asleep and smacked it’s face on the sink. After a few minutes in the sink and I felt it’s body temp was normal I dried the little guy off with a towel then electric blanket. 

Which was apparently very comfortable, too. Lots of snoozin’ like goober is doing just fine, now. Today the turkeys for moved to the tractor outside.

I decided to try without the brooder set up I normally do. It does take up lots of room and I’m trying to get friendlier birds. We’ll see. 
Anyway. Turkeys!