Lil’ Wet Hen

I was out feeding the animals when I heard a strange cooing. I looked around for who could be making that sound and I didn’t see anyone, so I lifted a lid on a barrel and found two chickens standing 6 inches deep in rain water. The rooster tried to jump out but couldn’t quite make it so I grabbed him and tossed him out, he flapped, landed on his feet and ran off. I grabbed the other chicken and did the same thing and she…pancaked on the ground langidly flapping. Uhoh  
So I grabbed the wet chicken, picked her up and rivulets of water came pouring off her. Her comb was pale indicating her body temp had dropped. I ran her inside and called to my boyfriend to grab a towel…I couldn’t wait for him so I threw off my much Boots and ran through the house with a dripping wet chicken and put her in the shower. Boyfriend had a towel and was looking rather confused. I told him to give her a warm bath to increase her body temp, then dry her off while I go finish chores. 

I did my work outside quickly and came back to him in the couch drinking coffee with the hen in a towel on his lap. He needed help blow drying her…

It takes a while to blow dry a chicken. Each feathers needs to be pulled apart. I got her mostly dry then wrapped hey up in a fresh towel. Her comb was turning red again, but her energy was still low. I offered her water and she didn’t want any, I offered good and no interest.. Not good considering this was the hen who ran off to the neighbors abandoned chicken coop and has not been getting fed (obviously she came over to my house for breakfast, tried to escape a rooster, jumped on a barrel and fell in, and he followed).  Shes no body fat, and fat is needed to overcome hypothermia. I got my work cut out for me. I was going to set up a new pen not and retrive her but haven’t yet, well, guess she’s home now.
I mixed up warm electrolytes and sugar water and syringe fed her a little bit. Never underestimate the importance of blood sugar! I’ve saved so many animals just by feeding something sugary to whet their appetite. Within minutes she perked up and started chowing down on the special feed I made for her. I took the regular food of grains, peas, wheat, sunflowers, millet, ect and added lard to make suet and ground home grown corn for warmth and energy with a bit of chili pepper to warm her up. Girl is going to town!

I blow dried her a little more and now she’s happily sitting on the towel purring to herself. Asking to be petted… something she’s never enjoyed before. She’ll stay inside for a few days to heal, then she’ll go into a coop she can’t escape. I’ll put the rooster I want to breed with in with her. Hopefully this lil’ girl makes it. 

She finally gets a name: Ariel Because she things she’s a mermaid. This is why I drink. Coffee. Lots of coffee.


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