First Incubating Attempt

Last spring we picked up a trio of Sebastopol Geese and a few weeks ago they began to lay. We finally decided to hatch some eggs so I borrowed an incubator from a friend. After getting the temp just right I found it might just be too humid in there, so I’ll have to gauge humidity by how much weight the eggs loose.

I weighed up my eggs and..

They don’t all weight enough. Supposedly they should weigh 5-7 oz for hatching and 60% weigh 4 1/2 oz. Hum…

Oh, they were supposed to be rotated daily while we collected them? Oops. Luckily my boyfriend gave the goose some eggs in hopes she’d sit on them. Instead she just rolled then around. Probably should have dated them when they were laid, too. Oops. Next year?

So in the end I have three different sets of eggs: clean one from the cabinet that weren’t rotated, nest eggs that the goose rotated and several under weight eggs. We’ll see if there’s any difference in hatch rates.

That is, assuming the eggs are fertile.

That egg… Doesn’t quite look fertilized… But I can’t quite tell. So I’ll hoping my gander is doing his job. I’m a few days I’ll be able to candle then for signs of development.


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