Homestead Charcuterie: Prosciutto

I’ve had a leg in the freezer for quite a while I was originally going to cure as a ham, but I have so many hams already I decided to cure it a little differently: raw salt cured prosciutto.

I looked up a few recipes and somewhere, somehow I read this needs to be started in spring in warmer temperatures so I waited until April.

Apparently not. This should have been started in Fall with the cold tempatures. I’m gonna find out who led me astray and smack them. But… My leg is thawed so I’m going ahead.

This leg was originally trimmed for a traditional smoked ham, so the facing on it is not quite right. Still, I trimmed it up a bit more and began jamming salt in every crevice

Now it needs to start draining, this process will last approximately 10-15 days since this is a fairly small leg. I put it in the wood shed in a sanitized container and covered it in rock salt.

The next day I checked the temp early morning temp and it was just a little too high for my own liking so I moved it into a smaller container to keep it refrigerated.

I’ll keep flipping it and resalting every couple days. It’s already lost alot of moisture. Then when it’s done I’ll wash off the salt, encase in herbs and begin hanging it for the next year… I’ll get back to you in a while about the flavor.


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