Pigs and Pork


Welcome to Muddy Heart Ranch! Where pigs are raised with their health and happiness foremost.

I raise my pigs as I see best suits them for the climate: summer out on pasture or in the woods, in the rainy winter they have solid shelter that doesn’t flood, but still access to outdoors.

Their feed tends to be seasonal fruits, vegetables, milk from the sheep, spent brewers grain or alfalfa, though the core feed is a grain based feed from a local mill that I limit feed so they have the calories for good growth, but still have the urge to forage. Many farmers feed their pigs with an open trough that is always full of sweet grain based feed, many feeds are high in protein and low in fiber leading to health problems but very fast growth. I try to give my pigs access to grass and other sources of fiber to keep their guts healthy, encourage foraging, and hopefully create a more “nutrient dense” meat that is full of flavor. Plus, pigs just like variety in foods!

Currently my local feed is not organic though I am working on developing one that is.

Slaughter is typically done on the farm in a way that keeps the animals unaware of what is going on and free of fear, pain, and suffering.


Piglets are available throughout the year. My line is currently Yorkshire crossed with Old Spot resulting in a long body with good red color and light marbling.  Email me about current or upcoming litters.

Pork is also available throughout the year. Cost runs $3.25 a lb hanging weight plus slaughter and butcher fees. I typically butcher through The Meating Place in Hillsboro, though we can work with other prefered butchers if our customers would like. This means the average half hog of 90 lbs costs $292.50 to me, your farmer, plus $30 for killing, and at .65 cents a lb for cutting about $58 for butcher. A total of $380 or $4.22 a lb for local, humane and delicious pork.

Roaster pigs run $5 a lb plus $45 USDA scrape and scald processing. Currently frozen roasters are available, but if you plan ahead we can fresh roasters in the size range you are looking for.

Ready to order you pork? Email me at MuddyHeartRanch@gmail.com


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