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Is This Mastitis or What?

A few weeks ago I finally committed to milking the sheep (a month or two later than i should have) and got that creep made. But something had been bothering me. Polly’s udders were uneven. ALWAYS uneven. WHY?Image

I was getting concerned and for a while was milking her at night, too, assuming she had mastitis. But the weird thing was although her udders were kinda hard, they just felt volupious. Not what i think of mastitis possibly feeling like. Her udders were warm/hot…but like i imagine full boobies to feel like. However, she did seem like it was tender and would proffer me her wimpy side so i could massage it.

But what the heck is going on? I was getting 1-2 cups milk out of one udder and 1/4 a cup out of the other! Was the lamb only using one side so that side was the only side producing? Meanwhile, Ash in mid lactation looks like this, still:


Ah, but what happened? I finally caught him in the act early morning, getting up before i normally do and sneaking up on the animals

ImageA little thief! Polly would let him milk one side when i wasn’t around, always the same side. When I was around she’d kick him off on and not let him milk. I assumed she always kicked him off, but no. It was a sheepy conspiracy!

These animals are not as dumb as we think they are. Meanwhile Blaze is doing well, though still much smaller than her sister or Mooney.