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I Relieved Myself of A Goat

Sometimes we have to accept an animal is not in a good place. After a week of caring for Cap he continued to yell the majority of the time. He was happy when I stood near and he grazed, but I can’t live my life in the pasture babysitting a goat! Plus, he was so small still he could slip between gates and would run off to the neighbors to hang out with them, knock over their booze, eat their cigarettes and eat their chicken feed. Clearly, he was not a good fit.

ImageIt was a hard decision to make, but while I loved how affectionate he was he needed a better home. He was screaming so much he was going hoarse! So I returned him to the folks I bought him from and now have no goat to eat my thistles (or to give kisses to). The fact he had not been weaned probably played a part in his yelling: i realized it when he greeted his mother by diving into her udder.

Anyway, its a bummer but it is what it is.