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Chicken Slaughtering

I admit. Before this weekend I’d never taken the live of anything other than a fish. I’ve been involved and watched the pigs go, but its never been my hand thats done the deed. I suppose its the final step as a “farmer” or someone who eats meat at the very least. I’ve always found it disrepectful to the animal that died when people pretend their meat isn’t from anything living. Its magic~! It grows in styrofoam!

No, accept that something lost its life for you so you can live. Per Vitam Mortem. Through death is life. Accept it. When we die we will feed bacteria, worms, the ground, trees, possibly scavengers, hopefully not our hogs

Point is, as I’ve said before, I need to be able to do it if I am willing to eat them.

So I did. BEAUTIFUL Cornish X that free ranged. Small for with age, but healthy. Many people complain that their cornish X don’t move. they just sit around all day and eat. Well, mine started under the brooder outside on grass. They were allowed out of the tractor at 3 or 4 weeks and quickly figured it all out. After their morning grain (filled their feeder with a pea based feed…they don’t care much for it so they ate what they needed to to not be ravenous the looks for better stuff elsewhere) they ranged around the neighborhood, and were so friendly I hated to see them go. But, they were starting to pant implying trouble breathing. They still ran up to greet me, but they were as healthy as Cornish X get and didn’t want them to deteriorate.

I did the 6 largest leaving 2 smaller ones to go a little longer. Dressed out to about 4 lbs 3 oz on average. Small, but absolutely delicious! The texture was so different…like MEAT, not chicken mush. I grilled one that night with some farmer friends and had a good time. I will miss my friendly “little marshmallows” (as the girl next door called them), but their lives were so much better than a store bought chicken and they taste a million times better. Who knew there was such a difference?!

I had pictures of my pretties, but my computer won’t load them oh well.


Its A Bit More Calm

I had 3 pigs dispatched yesterday. Digger and Ditch were finally weight, though hitting 250 at 7 months is not very good growth in my opinion.


One last group photo

Dot almost made it out alive again. I had 2 1/2 portions of pigs sold, 1/2 being mine. I wasn’t going to slaughter someone I didn’t have a buyer for. I was almost going to go without my portion and just let Dottie go again..And I would have if she didn’t throw such poor piglets and have so many non-functioning nipples.


The kind of goofy face that grows on ya. Come to think of it she looks alot like her dad.

Alas for poor Dot my mother swooped in last minuted and said she would take all of her as it would make nice gifts to give.

I don’t have any guns of my own so I had to hire the kill out. Before he got there I gave them a little beer. Ditch got really aggressive and demanded MORE. “I WANT MORE OF THIS STUFF! I’VE BEEN WAITING ALL MY LIFE FOR THIS. GIVE ME MORE! WHERE ARE YOU HIDING IT?!!!” I guess she was a closet alchoholic.






When the fellow came I gave them all a bit of milk and he shot Dot and  bled her without the other two noticing much. Ditch went next. Dead instantly. Awesome. Then Rosie got wind and started protesting from her paddock so I went and calmed her down and gave her some milk. I guess the last pig wasn’t afraid like usually happens in large kill houses. He was wary, but wasn’t freaking out. The slaughter guy said Digger kinda stared him down and challenged him. Well, don’t challenge a guy with a gun.

It really was a lovely day to go, and it was so calm and quick. It seemed the only one that was any the wiser was Rosie, of course! Well, and the ram. He positioned himself in the field so he could watch, too.



That there is some stink-eye if I ever saw it.

I made use of more of my beasties than I have before. I cleaned a stomach for a customers enjoyment. Much to my surprise it was completely loaded with well chewed grass. Like, 5 lbs grass. I cleaned some ears and trotters, took the testicles for the dogs enjoyment. Hopefully I’ll get to using all of them next time.

Looking at their innards they were very healthy. The fellow was impressed with their health and low worm load: for being on pasture where worms are almost impossible to get rid of once introduced he said they were really in excellent shape. Dot had a nice layer of fat, but not too thick. The boar was the leanest of them all, but I think in better shape than last years boars.

It was also nice to get compliments on my farm from someone who visits them frequently. He appreciated my set up with the hogs outside in good light, had them close to the gate for easy access. Apparently he’s had some adventures at farms less put-together than mine.

Once again, it was a very positive experience and I’ve been able to provide humanely raised and slaughtered, healthy, pastured pork for 5 differently families. Pretty cool.

I got to try something new, too: bbq pigs feet!


Real Time Chow

I’ve waited years for this moment: the full cycle of life, to death, to my plate.


I picked up my pork today, amazed at how much one half a pig makes! It should last me a few months. I decided to start off with trying to chops breaded simply in flour, salt, pepper and garlic. I paired it with home grown turnips, turnip greens and rice. Here goes nothing….(Thank you Gorbachev! I still love you!)


Wow.  I’m blown away by the flavor. One bite and the flavor lasts for a minute in my mouth. The fat is sweet and soft: not hard gristle, but palatable, chewable and delicious. Every muscle, every sinew has flavor…and its juicy and moist.


I’ve been ravenous the past two days. I don’t know why, but my body acts like it can’t get enough to eat. This is so satisfying, so nutritious I feel my body rejoicing. Hopefully it will help me heal my tendonitis. Life is good, thank you again Gorby.