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Weekend Warriors

Previously at the farm our fences were gimpy electrowire, copper wire and a brush pile. In addition there was a mishmash or railroad ties and treated posts.


After busting our butts the last few weekends my mother and I finished the front section of high tension wire along with making a few paddocks. We hung 3 gates and strung seven lines on wire this weekend and we went from brambly mess to a beautiful front section.


The brush fence is now in a big burn pile to be obliterated when the weather dries up. Look! Real gates! I’ve been using pallets as gates for the last several months. The driveway goes straight to the barn! I have access to the farm from my back door…I have access to my backdoor (mudroom)! Its all so amazing!


Mooney came by to inspect our handiwork (as did the neighbor he was named after).


See the strip where the fence kept the animals out? I’m letting the sheep have access to this area for a few weeks…then they are going to get kicked out into the regular pasture. For now the sheep have access to my backdoor. Its fine since the lambs are still small and I doubt coyotes are going to venture that close to my house i think its best for them to hang out here. They have really cleared the brambles by the stream back. The pigs, too, though I do worry about them encouraging erosion.

The fence line is far from done, but it sure makes me feel better to come home to a tidy fence that actually can stand up to animals rather than a hodgepodge mess. Next I need to do the back fence line and then the fence by the stream (don’t need pigs thinking a salmon protected stream is an ideal wallow in the summer!) After that its on to interior fences.

What kinds of fences do you all use? do you stick to one type of fence or use different kinds on different parts of your property?