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Oil Pullin Update

I mentioned a while back I was doing something called “oil pulling” to clean my teeth (along with flossing) and hopefully heal a cavity.

Well sure enough, a few weeks ago i poked at the cavity with a dental tool and rather than being a soft sticky thing it flaked right out! Yippee!

the truth is, though, I’ve stopped oil pulling..or at least doing it often. I was skipping dental care because there were days when i didn’t have 20 minutes to squish…but regular tooth paste seemed to make my gums inflame so i went for a middle ground: coconut oil and baking soda toothpaste. not alot of baking soda, but enough to give a little grit mixed with the oil. Seems to be working well and now i have something to brush my teeth off with whenever. Still gotta spit into the trashcan, but whateve’s. My teeth look good, and my cavity went away.


Oil Pulling Experiment

So I’ve read all sorts of alternative oral care methods. Some say you can recalcifiy minor dental carries using fermented cod oil. or raw pastured milk. or something called oil pulling.

Basically: certain oils have antibacterial properties and help kill bacteria in your mouth if you swish for 10-20 minutes with said oil. Teeth, being porous, take the oil in and are strengthened. Or something like that. After swishing it in your mouth you can brush and floss and the plaque will come off easier. Some of the claims about what this can do is pretty silly (like help with depression, pull toxins out of your bloodstream, ect) but i do have a cavity on the outside of one of my teeth, have been developing decalcification even though i use floride toothpaste, and a bit of gingivitis with gum loss. I know it sounds like my teeth are in a sorry state, but really not too bad for not going to a dentist for 2 years. Still, could be better. Yes, I do regularly brush and floss.

It seems insane that the body cannot rebuild gums, I can’t understand why denstists say, “welp, sorry yous gums are receding. can’t do anything but surgery about it! but don’t worry about it. its not really a problem!’ It…just doesnt make sense.

So I tried oil pulling.

I started doing it every other day and brushing my teeth with only a brush or baking soda. No toothpaste. and nothing magical happened. My teeth did seem to stay cleaner throughout the day but I still have that cavity.

I was bad this week about pulling. I went a few days with only brushing my teeth. I finally felt like this wouldn’t do so I used some regular toothpaste before going to bed.

I woke up and my gums were inflamed. The gingivitis had gone down but was now back with a passion. Then throughout the day the plaque built up on my teeth at such a rate I couldn’t wait to get home and brush my teeth.

It was weird. Very weird.

So I’m back to oil pulling. hopefully my mouth gets back to feeling nice and clean. I can’t get over how little plaque I had for those two weeks of oil only then how quickly the plaque built up after i used regular toothpaste! This will be an on going experiment. Its time consuming since I have to sit while I do it because i have trouble breathing through my nose, but it seems to result in better oral health than conventional methods. We’ll see!

If my teeth all fall out you can point and laugh at the hippy, okay?



So far I notice:

-Whiter teeth, very shiny and squeaky clean

-Less staining on my teeth (despite drinking loads of coffee everyday and sleeping with my mouth open)

-Stains I do have come off my teeth very easily

-Gums are less inflamed

-Plaque builds up slower, mouth feels cleaner overall

Jury is still out on:

-Resolving tooth sensitivity

-Recalcifying small cavities and white spots on my teeth

-Regrowing gums