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A Wonderful Feeling

It really is an amazing feeling to set the table and serve your friends fine food. Even more amazing when you look at the food on the table and see it is all from your land, from your work, from the life you have cultivated around you.


I would publicly like to thank the pigs, sheep, turnips, and eggplants for giving us a lovely meal, but I doubt any of those creatures I listed read my blog.


Something Offal

I’m not big on organ meat and the last time I had liver it was pretty terrible. But I don’t want to waste my boys so my mom cooked up the pig liver (2 pigs yielded 10-15 lbs!) assuring me it would be better than beef.


It was. It was almost….tasty. The liver after-taste was so mild and I could feel the fat melting on my tongue. On the side he had home grown turnips and turnip greens. 70% of my meal was grown at my place. Makes me feel pretty good to be able to provide food for me AND my family.

They say it takes a few times of trying something to like a new flavor. I think eventually I will really like pig liver. Maybe next time I will scarf it down. In the mean time….anyone want some liver? I still have a couple pounds.