The Farm

Off the Scappose-Vernonia Highway a few minutes out of Scappoose, Oregon. 30 minutes from the heart of Portland we offer seasonable products such as pork, lamb, and raw sheep milk. On occasion we have piglets for sale. We also have hand made sheep milk soap, colored fleeces, and sometimes even hand spun yarns. If you would like to come out for a visit contact me at

The Girls: Ash and Polly

ash  polly 

East Friesian milking sheep, both in their first year. Ash’s two daughters will be joining the milking team next year.

The Boys: Khoresh and Mooney


Khoresh is a pure Jacob sheep. He was intended to be slaughtered, but got saved by his good looks and my ex’s failure to catch the correct sheep. Glad he failed! Mooney is an East Friesian X Shetland.

Big Pig: Rosie


Intended to be eaten, saved by her sweet disposition. Now shes our breeding sow and quite a fine mother! She is very fair with the other animals and keeps everyone in line.

The Prince: Darioosh


Named him after the great kind Darius hoping he would be victorious and slay all rodents…Well, lets just say he is doing better. He is a prince with a taste for comfort and affection.

The Dog: Tabitha


Sweet “rescue” dog with shepherding heritage and no knowledge of really how to do it right.  She always manages to herd the sheep the opposite direction of where they are to go. Its alright, though: she kills more rats and moles than the cat and is sweet and gentle with the baby animals. And she lets me put wigs on her.


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